The 4th Chinese Private Brand Awards(Golden Star Awards) was officially launched

Release time:2020-09-14

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On September 4th, 2020, Private Label Fair Committee (hereinafter PLF) held the press conference of "the 4th Chinese Private Brand Awards (hereinafter Golden Star Awards)" in Shanghai.


Host by PLF, the Golden Star Award is a professional selection focusing on private brands nationwide, and aiming to set a benchmark and an example for domestic retail enterprises, to promote the practice and growth of private brand concept in China, and to provide a platform for retail enterprises to display their achievements.

For several years, Golden Star Award, to a certain extent, not only to promote the professionalization of China's private brand industry and also to promote the industry experience exchange between enterprises, to enhance the brand value of retail enterprises, and to help consumers building up the private brand recognition and trust, to mediately promote the healthy development of China's private brand.

The “Golden Star Awards" came from "The Challenge Awards" which launched by The European Retail industry in 2008. And then it was introduced into China by PLF under the name “Golden Star Awards” in 2017. After the rapid growth in the past three years, "Golden Star Awards" has gradually become a professional selection activity with distinctive characteristics and influential influence in the domestic private brand industry.

The year 2020 is the fourth year for the Golden Star Awards, and experts expect the number of companies to enter the competition this year to increase by 20%t compared with 2019.


It is reported that the Golden Star Awards in 2020 will be awarded in the following three categories:

In the products sector, set up “Best Private Label Product of the Year”, evaluate from following 7 dimensions: product sensory indexes, physical and chemical indicators, innovative products, packaging design, product positioning, product development business value and strategic value. The award will be evaluated by a panel of experts from various fields.

In the enterprise sector, there will be two awards, "Best Private Label Marketing of the Year" and "Best Private Label Supplier of the Year", which will be judged by a panel of judges in each field together with representatives of retailers.

In the sector of people, there will be two awards, namely "Best Private Label Icon of the Year" and "Best Private Label Team of the Year", which will be jointly evaluated by a panel of experts from various fields and a vote from industry participants.


According to the staff from PLF, the results of the 4th Chinese Private Brand Awards (Golden Star Awards) will be announced during the celebration dinner on December 2nd, 2020. Meanwhile, during the PLF exhibition, all the products from those winners would be presented. This year, Private Label Fair will attract more high-quality retailers and suppliers of domestic private brand products, and strive to truly realize the efficient connection between factories and businesses, so as to help the sustainable development of Chinese private brands.

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