Chicago exhibition in the United States
Essential information

PLMA American own brand Fair

Exhibition Name:
PLMA American own brand Fair
English Name:
plma's 2018 private label show
Exhibition time:
11-13 November 2018
Exhibition site:
U.S.A●Chicago●Rosemont exhibition center
Exhibition cycle:
Every year
Host unit:
PLMA(American Association of private brand manufacturers)
Scope of Exhibits

Scope of participation:Can directly enter the supermarket, department stores, chain stores, discount stores for sale, and suitable for supermarket OEM products.

Food: Bread, pie, pastry, baked goods, dairy products, cheese, dessert, meat, seafood, fish, fruits and vegetables, fresh salad, macaroni, pizza, semi frozen / frozen / Frozen food, cereal, canned food, dry goods, food, ice cream cone, infant formula food, organic and healthy food, oil, dressings, condiments, various kinds of soy sauce, all kinds of drinks and wine, chocolate, candy, biscuits, nuts, various leisure foods, food packaging, etc.
Health and beauty:Non prescription drugs and health care products (vitamins, tonic, internal and external use, oral care, toothpaste, toothbrush, dental floss, oral cleaning, eye, ear, nose and foot care, thermometer, medical bandage, health care), female, adult and infant supplies, hairdressing and hairdressing products
Household goods:Household cleaning and aromatic products, washing products, household paper, sponge products, plastic products and insecticides.
Household utensils and DIY products:Cooking and baking utensils, tableware, food storage, small household appliances, home textiles, cleaning tools, necessities, tape, car care, lawn garden supplies, DIY products
Introduction to the exhibition

PLMA American own brand Fair has nowOver thirty years of history,yesProfessional OEM trade show,The annual meeting has become the best place for retailers to meet with suppliers and to establish their own brand agent business cooperation. It has become the annual event of the store's own brand industry.

The exhibition occupied five pavilions in the Rosemont Conference Center in Chicago.More than 2700 boothThe exhibitors come from the world35 countriesThe products include two major categories of food and non - food areas.More than 5000 professional purchasers From the global chain stores, the comprehensive mall, the discount store, the drugstore, the store, the convenience store, including the importers, wholesalers, and even the munitions units, all kinds of buyers. Understand the latest trends. During the exhibition, a number of symposiums and seminars were held at the same time. The exhibition area of "PLMA dot supermarket" will be specially set up. The sixty sets of open shelves are listed as the products and packaging materials of the famous stores in the world.

In 2018, PLMA's own brand Expo will be held on November 2018 11-13 at the Rosemont Convention Center. The pavilion is only 10 minutes away from O'Hare International Airport in Chicago. The convenient traffic position is to go back and forth between the large hotels and the shuttle bus. The conference center provides a convenient and efficient trade display for the exhibitors.

"PLMA American own brand fair" is the best place to establish a relationship network and to make contact. Product R & D experts look for appropriate supplier cooperation and suppliers understand the market demand. And then establish good business relationship with main distributors and wholesalers. If your company is already a supplier of its own brand products, this exhibition will introduce you to more buyers for you. If your company has just started to enter the own brand market, this exhibition will be the ideal pedals to enter the market.

market analysis

More and more consumers in Europe and America prefer to buy their own brand goods. According to Nielsen market research company report, in recent years, supermarkets and chain stores have been in the summer. Its own brand sales increased by 12%, and total sales reached $85 billion in the year, and the whole market share rose to more than 23%, and this trend will continue. According to a new Roper survey, over 60% shoppers say they often buy free brand goods, which is much higher than just 40% years ago three. 80% of consumers believe that these brands even exceed national brands, and nearly 20% of consumers expect to buy more private brands in the coming years.

Introduction to the exhibition
What are the advantages of the own brand?
Because many intermediate links are omitted and the cost of sales is reduced through scale efficiency, the private brand products are usually obvious. Low price, high quality competitive advantage . In the developed countries such as Europe and America, the price of own brand of own brand goods is lower than that of the same kind of commodity 30%. The price of its own brand is much lower than that of 10%-20% of the same kind, and the price advantage of its own brand is obvious. Therefore, reasonable utilization of the price and cost advantage is its own brand competition way.
Official delegation party PLSC

Shanghai brand authorized management enterprise association owned brand Specialized Committee (PLSC), is the only retail private brand professional association in China. "The global retail private brand products Asia Exhibition (PLF)", CO sponsored by Shanghai and PLMA in November, is one of the three largest private brand exhibitions in the world.

As a strategic partner of PLMA, PLSC organizes every year a group of high-quality supplier enterprises to Europe and America to participate in its own brand Amsterdam exhibition and Chicago exhibition.

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