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Shanghai brand licensing business association own brand professional committee(PLSC)

Brands are professional committee of brand licensing business association of Shanghai branch, by the Shanghai retail enterprise, own brand products manufacturing enterprises and industry service providers and other related organizations and individuals voluntary participation of social organizations, is their own brands and related industryThe authoritative organizationRepresents the leading force in Shanghai's retail business and its own brand industry.

The professional committee is the business super and its authorized production enterpriseDevelopment, publicity, salesSelf-owned brand products, optimization of supplier cooperation and supply chain services to provide valuable information, technology and resource support.

brief introduction
Self owned brand manufacturers association(PLMA)

Founded in 1979, it is the only non-profit organization in the private label market.More than 70 countriesMember unitsMore than 3200.

In the global retail industry, it has the most extensiveEffectAnd the appeal of the buyer.

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