Amsterdam Exhibition
Essential information

2018 European (Holland) International Private Brand Fair

Exhibition Name:
2018 European (Holland) International Private Brand Fair
English Name:
PLMA’s World of Private Label Show 2018
English Name:
29-30 May 2018
Exhibition site:
Holland ●Amsterdam●RAI Exhibition Center
Exhibition cycle:
Every year
Host unit:
PLMA (Holland Association of private brand manufacturers)
Scope of Exhibits

Scope of Exhibits:  Can directly enter the supermarket, department stores, chain stores, discount stores for sale, and suitable for supermarket OEM products.

Food category:  Bread, pie, pastry, baked food, dairy products, cheese, dessert, meat, seafood, fish, fruit and vegetable, fresh salad, macaroni, pizza, semi frozen / frozen food, Cereal, canned food, dry goods, food, ice cream cone, infant formula food, organic and healthy food, oil, dressing, condiments, various kinds of soy sauce, all kinds of drinks and wine, chocolate, candy, biscuits, nuts, all kinds of leisure food, food packaging, etc
Health and beauty:  Non prescription drugs and health care products (vitamins, tonic, internal and external use, oral care, toothpaste, toothbrush, dental floss, oral cleaning, eye, ear, nose and foot care, thermometer, medical bandage, health care), female, adult and infant supplies, hairdressing and hairdressing products
Household goods:  Household cleaning and aromatic products, washing products, household paper, sponge products, plastic products and insecticides.
Household utensils and DIY products:  Cooking and baking utensils, tableware, food storage, small household appliances, home textiles, cleaning tools, necessities, tape, car care, lawn garden supplies, DIY products
Introduction to the exhibition

The international self owned brand merchandise OEM (PLMA) is sponsored by the brand manufacturers association.MayHeld in Amsterdam, Holland,It began in 1986. This is the exhibitionThe largest one of the world's similar exhibitionsIt occupies 10 pavilions of Amsterdam RAI Exhibition Center, which is divided into food area and non food area. The products and products that can be sold in supermarkets, department stores, chain stores and discount stores are suitable for supermarket products and products. They are intended to be used as the products of the OEM production of large supermarkets in Europe.

This exhibition will attractThere are more than 4300 booths in more than 70 countries' manufacturers, 60 countries and regions.At that time, the exhibitors will have the opportunity to get more than the world.Large supermarkets and department stores in 115 countries (e.g., French Carrefour Carrefour, Auchan Auchan, Leclair Leclerc, British Tesco Tesco (12% of total UK retail), kupo Coop, the largest Swiss supermarket group, and WAL-MART Wal-mart, USA, Germany Metro METRO, EDEKA, ALDI, REWE, LIDL chain stores, Austria SPAR, Croatia KONZUM, Hongkong Watsons A.S. Watson, Danish Tong Tong NETTO, Asia and South America has 130 thousand chain stores in Holland wankelon group MAKRO and arhall AHOLD and so on) Retailer, wholesalerThis will provide an opportunity for international private label manufacturers to enter the European super market and retail stores.

If your company is already a supplier of its own brand products, PLMA will introduce more buyers to you. If your company is just beginning to enter the private brand market, PLMA will help you develop the market and succeed.

market analysis
What is the OEM?

After the retail enterprise collects, collects and analyzes the consumer's information on the demand for certain goods, it is designed to make the production base or choose the appropriate production enterprise. Finally, the retail enterprise uses its own trademark to register the new product and sell the product brand at the business outlets of the enterprise.

Private brand products have sprang up in western developed countries, and now they are becoming more and more popular in the world, especially in Europe and North America. "ACNielsen" surveyed 80 products in supermarkets in 36 countries, 17% of which were private label products. In Britain, Germany and Belgium, the market share of its own brand products has exceeded 40%, in France and Spain, more than 35%, in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland, with a 30% market share, 18% in central and Eastern Europe, and more than 20% in North America. The market share of private brand products in other parts of the world is also increasing year by year.

Data show that in Europe alone, sales of its own brand products amounted to 45 billion euros, and global sales amounted to 100 billion euros.

Introduction to the exhibition
What are the advantages of the own brand?
Because many intermediate links are omitted and the cost of sales is reduced through scale efficiency, the private brand products are usually obvious.Low price, high quality competitive advantage.In the developed countries such as Europe and America, the price of own brand of own brand goods is lower than that of the same kind of commodity 30%. The price of its own brand is much lower than that of 10%-20% of the same kind, and the price advantage of its own brand is obvious. Therefore, the reasonable use of this price and cost advantage is the way of competition for its own brand.
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