50% off, Carrefour Increases Sales 428%

Release time:2020-04-22

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During the epidemic, home-based business rapidly upgraded themselves, setting the future trend: an online shopping experience combined with an offline service. Under this premise, many retailers have strengthened their supply chain and terminal distribution capabilities, with an emphasis on their offline service.

At the end of March, Carrefour launched the "50% Off Day" online promotion, which offers 50% discounts on different products such as fresh products, personal care, home cleaning,

snacks, drinks and so on. 

At 09:38 on the day of the event, Carrefour's home-to-home sales exceeded one million, and the single-day sales growth reached 428% year-on-year. 71% of the store-to-home business orders exceeded 1,000 units.

According to public reports, in the fourth quarter of 2019, Carrefour China's profit and perating cash flow data improved significantly year-on-year, reaching a seven-year high record.

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