926 Bravos YH reopens and launches a 100-day plan to stimulates growth

Release time:2020-04-23

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The 100-day marketing plan of Yonghui Supermarket includes the organization of scheduled merchandise activities and boost offline customer flow; strengthening the expansion of commodity marketing and cooperating with manufacturers and suppliers to implement effective marketing campaigns; restoring the fundamentals of store merchandise and introducing products according to change of seasons; through government subsidies or corporate profit-sharing cooperate with third-party platforms to distribute coupons for consumers; Product differentiation should be the main development strategy for both online and off-line stores: off-line store main focus will be on selling bulk good , while on-line will mainly focus on selling fresh products. During the outbreak of COVID-19, Bravos YH through multiple platforms such as Yonghui Life, Yonghui Community Shopping, JD Home, Meituan.com has accelerated and expanded its store’s online and offline integration and so successfully covered 24 provinces, 127 cities, and 995 stores.

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