Feedback of visitor

Shandong Greenland Food Co.,LTD

Thanks to the organizing committee has been to our support, we will participate in the good years, abutting on the exhibition Beijing wumart, vanguard and a series of retail enterprises, the harvest is very big, now many domestic retail enterprises cooperation, thanks to the organizing committee.

Xiamen Liangyi Food Co.,LTD

After participating in the exhibition for so many years, the future market of self-owned brands is huge. We and the association should cooperate more closely to promote each other and introduce more resources to this platform.

Shanghai First Food Chain Development Co.,LTD

Very glad to attend this time of the first "China's retail brands", and the packaging design, heartfelt wish Asia global retail brands products exhibition (PLF) can be better than a year, a year expected PLF better future!

Guangzhou Yichu Lotus Supermarket Co.,LTD

Peak BBS sharing will be good, full of dry goods; The association also provides a good communication platform for everyone to speak freely and learn from each other's experience, resource integration and sharing, benefiting a lot.

Fujian New Huadu Supercenter Co.,LTD.

Both the professionalism and influence of the exhibition are expanding year by year. This year, we have reached the cooperation intention with two food enterprises.

Qinhuangdao Xinglong Guangyuan Business Chain Co. LTD

Thanks to PLSC for providing us with such a good platform and learning opportunity, we have met so many excellent suppliers, and we have learned a lot of experience. I wish PLSC a better future!

Sanjiang Shopping Club Co.,LTD

Sanjiang this year in the first "China retail brands to choose" receiving, thanks for your support and sure, we will, as always, continue to work hard, for China's own brand business.

Shanghai Lianhua Supermarket Co.,LTD

As a retail enterprise, every exhibition brings us the collision of thinking and inspiration sparks, all let us feel that we are not alone on the bumpy road, come on! Own brand! Come on!

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