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Chinese consumption upgrade process will continue, for the future strategic outlook, netease strict selection, taobao heart to choose Tokyo, millet rice home, Beijing, etc. On behalf of the upstream manufacturers permeate quality selection of electric business model will continue to be one of the important trends of online retailing upgrade.

The rise of consumers, the adjustment of import tariffs, the global economic downturn, the return of manufacturing orders and other factors have contributed to the popularity of the select e-commerce model and boutique home chains.

China is now a large direct - brand store. MUJI, uniqlo, MUJI MUJI, MUJI MUJI, MUJI MUJI, nature wake a lot of products are designed by mainland manufacturers. For retailers, from direct purchasing to direct selling, from direct selling to licensing, from branding to branding.

In diverse patterns of own brand, was born the electricity + factory new mode, with contracted decorate a style, grid cabinet put mode, Japanese style products to attract the attention of a new generation of consumers.

Seize the retail market restlessly, own brand association in 2018 global brand products Asia exposition (www.plfasia.com) AD hoc moral "by choose home hui" carefully selected collection of product display that occupy the home, has invited netease strictly selected set exhibition, simulate the offline installation, will invite taobao heart, jingdong, merit goods, such as nature to wake, show as a benchmark.

Let the 2.8 million domestic factories gradually from direct mining to direct marketing, from direct marketing to licensing, into the road of brand - based brands.

No longer blindly pursue cheap, low quality, no outer packing of the products, the future development of more is the Y generation generation Z, consumer spending will become a service, a kind of enjoyment, pursuit is cost-effective, product quality assurance and the outer packing beautiful and attractive products.

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