Carrefour China plans to open 100 restaurants

Release time:2020-06-19

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Supermarket operator Carrefour China plans to open 100 restaurants at its existing stores.

The first outlet of Carrefour restaurant chain Mr Fu has opened at its Gubei branch in Shanghai, followed by a second in Chongqing.

“With more than 2000 products in a self-run goods pool, Mr Fu will introduce at least 30 new products each month,” said Li Yijiang, head of catering business division at Suning Carrefour China.

The renovation work will be launched at selected Carrefour branches and will not be outsourced to a third party. 

“We will have more independence to promote food and drinks according to different festive occasions and promotional activities, and we also offer customised decoration styles at consumers’ requests,” Li told the Shanghai Daily.  

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